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August 2012

Questions of Money - from Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports financial experts answer subscriber questions about being responsible for a child charging extras for iPod games, and if a Roth IRA is better than an employer's non-matched 401k. Questions of Money

Eleven Store-Brand Products Tie Or Beat Name-Brand Rivals In CR Taste-Tests
Choosing private-label alternatives can save consumers up to sixty percent YONKERS, NY — In Consumer Reports’ blind taste-test of 19 store-brand and name-brand grocery staples, store brands tied name brands for taste in ten instances, with one product, Giant Eagle...

CR Provides Tips on How to Avoid Getting Burned By the Latest High-Tech Scams
YONKERS, NY— It’s easier than ever to get burned these days—in fact fraud and identity-theft complaints tracked by the Federal Trade Commission topped 1.2 million last year, up 19 percent from 2010 and a whopping 800 percent since 2000. And...

A Schticky and Sticky Buddy Claim Check - from Consumer Reports
Schticky and Sticky Buddy are silicone rollers that claim to pick up cat and dog hair and more. Consumer Reports recently put the claims to the test. Schticky and Sticky Buddy Claim Check

Legal D-I-Y Sites - from Consumer Reports
Can creating a will, power of attorney, or other important legal document on a website save you a visit to a lawyer? Consumer Reports recently evaluated 3 such services. Legal D-I-Y Sites

Final Fuel Economy Standards Will Help Consumers Save at the Pump
WASHINGTON, DC – The Department of Transportation (DOT) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today announced the final details of new fuel economy rules for Model Year 2017-2025 cars and light-duty trucks. The standards issued today require new vehicles to reach...

Consumer Reports Teams with Minnesota Groups to Rate More Than 500 Doctors’ Practices
CR, Minnesota Community Measurement, and HealthPartners Jointly Release Evaluations; Ratings Reveal Variations in Cost and Care YONKERS, NY — In a special edition of its magazine, Consumer Reports is publishing Ratings of 552 Minnesota physician group practices and an analysis...

Consumer Reports Looks at Risky Drivers; Names Best Car Choices for Teens & Seniors
YONKERS, NY — While they stand at opposite ends of the demographic spectrum, and both groups include many good drivers, statistics show that overall teenagers and older drivers are involved in far more crashes and highway fatalities than any other...

Distracted Pedestrians - from Consumer Reports
IN a new survey, Consumer Reports found 85% of Americans in the past 6 months had seen someone use a mobile device to talk, text, email, or use apps, while walking in public - a potentially dangerous activity. Distracted Pedestrians

A Magnet Safety Alert - from Consumer Reports
Despite a ban on super-strong magnets in children's toys ... kids are still ingesting them, suffering serious injury -- all because of new toys marketed for adults. Magnet Alert

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