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December 2011

Refinancing Your Mortgage - from Consumer Reports
Trading in a higher-rate mortgage for a cheaper one has become almost ritual. Here's a look at how much you could save from refinancing. From Consumer Reports January '12 issue. Mortgage Refinancing - CR Podcast

Coors Outscores Bud in Consumer Reports’ Taste Tests of Beer
Beers from Trader Joe’s and Walgreens stand up to name-brand competition YONKERS, NY — Looking to enjoy the last weeks of football season with the perfect brew? Coors regular topped Consumer Reports’ recent taste test of beers, blowing away nine...

GPS Traffic - from Consumer Reports
New GPS navigation services provide expanded traffic information on a much wider range or routes, making them more helpful for daily use. From Consumer Reports January '12 issue. GPS Traffic - CR Podcast

Top Treadmills and Ellipticals plus, Tips for a Smokin’, Butt-Firming, Thigh-Toning Workout
Survey reveals nearly one in four dieters using smart phone apps YONKERS, NY — Can’t squeeze into your jeans. Not happy with what you see in the mirror? For consumers whose New Year’s resolution is to eliminate unwanted inches and...

Quick Dinners - from Consumer Reports
The best of 19 quick dinners Consumer Reports tasted for the January '12 issue are so tasty, you might forget they came from a bag in the freezer aisle. Quick Dinners - CR Podcast

Password-Protection Measures - from Consumer Reports
When hackers get your passwords, they gain access to your accounts. Here are the most important password-protection measures you can take. From Consumer Reports January '12 issue. Passwords - CR Podcast

Consumer Reports Poll Shows Holiday Shopping Season Isn’t Quite Over
101 Million Plan to Hit the Stores This Week; Post-holiday Bargains, Gift Card Redeeming, Gift Returns Are Most Common Motivators YONKERS, NY — The 2011 holiday shopping season will seemingly extend at least another week, as four in ten Americans...

Online Security - from Consumer Reports
This report highlights the inadequacies of website security and the risks of having your passwords stolen. From Consumer Reports January '12 issue. Online Security - CR Podcast

Questions of Health - from Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports medical consultants answer reader questions about getting to much fiber, and the alpha-hydroxy acids in anti-aging products. From the December 2011 issue of Consumer Reports on Health. Questions of Health - CR Podcast

A First Look at the Casio Tryx - from Consumer Reports
The Casio Tryx may be a groundbreaking camera, but it has its limitations. Consumer Reports spotlights its highs and lows. From the December 2011 issue. Casio Tryx - CR Podcast

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