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November 2011

Varying Arsenic and Lead Levels in Juice Raises Concern
Analysis shows that children can be at unnecessary risk; Test results of 88 juice samples show strict limit is possible to achieve YONKERS, NY – Amid growing concerns over arsenic, Consumer Reports conducted a broad investigation of arsenic and lead...

Chocolate-Chip Cookies - from Consumer Reports
If you're going to indulge in a sweet treat, you want it to be tasty. But most of the chocolate-chip cookies Consumer Reports tasted for the December '11 issue were just okay. Choc-Chip Cookies- CR Podcast

FCC Reform Bills Put Consumer Interests at Risk
WASHINGTON, D.C. – As the House Committee on Energy and Commerce prepares to mark up two bills to restructure the regulatory process at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Consumers Union, the policy and advocacy division of Consumer Reports, sent a...

How to Buy Fish - from Consumer Reports
Some How-Tos when it come to buying fish. From Consumer Reports December 2011 issue. How To Buy Fish - CR Podcast

Mystery Fish - from Consumer Reports
Americans spend billions on seafood each year, but aren't always buying what they think they are. From Consumer Reports December 2011 issue. Mystery Fish - CR Podcast

Questions of Health - from Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports medical consultants answer reader questions about eating something before a workout, and any health risks of hot and spicy food. From Consumer Reports on Health, November 2011 issue. Questions of Health - CR Podcast

Double-A Batteries - from Consumer Reports
For the December 2011 issue, Consumer Reports tested non-rechargeable lithium, nickel oxy-hydroxide, and alkaline double-a batteries. Here are the results. Double-A Batteries - CR Podcast

Consumer Reports: Black Friday Tips For Savings & Sanity
Black Friday Not the Only Day to Save this Holiday Shopping Season YONKERS, NY — Next to the Saturday before Christmas, Black Friday ranks as the seminal shopping day of the season. Yet a recent analysis by Consumer Reports’ and...

New Ways to Save on Groceries - from Consumer Reports
Supermarkets and other stores that sell groceries are using social-networks and apps to lure customers with deals. Here's how you can cash in on them. From Consumer Reports December 2011 issue. New Ways to Save on Groceries - CR Podcast

NAIC Shifts Stance on Medical Loss Ratio, Risks over $1 Billion in Consumer Rebates
Consumers Union, the policy and advocacy division of Consumer Reports, strongly opposes today’s decision by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners to weaken a new consumer protection that brings value to health insurance. In a divided vote, a majority of...

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