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October 2011

Bank Transfer Day Set for November 5 as Activists Encourage Consumers to Switch to Credit Unions and Smaller Banks
Consumers Union’s “How-To-Change Banks” Video & Handy Tips Available at SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Saturday, November 5, has been dubbed Bank Transfer Day by grassroots activists upset with rising bank fees, including the new $5 debit card fee that...

Consumer Reports Poll: Fewer Consumers Expect A Jolly 2011 Holiday Shopping Season
Forty-four Percent Cite Personal Finance, National Economic Woes as Biggest Concern; Four in Ten Say Getting a Good Deal Will be More Important This Year YONKERS, NY — Roughly 200 million Americans are expected to go shopping for gifts this...

Outlet Shopping - from Consumer Reports
Despite a sour economy, the $30 billion outlet industry is thriving. For the November issue, Consumer Reports set out to see if outlets deliver on their promise of low, low prices on name-brand merchandise. Outlet Shopping - CR Podcast

Bank of America Reportedly Considering Ways to Scale Back Debit Card Fee Plan
Consumers Union: Bank of America Should Drop Debit Card Fee for All Customers SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Bank of America is reportedly considering ways to scale back its plan to charge most of its customers a monthly $5 debit card...

Consumer Reports Investigation: More Than One-Fifth of Tested Seafood Mislabeled, Incompletely Labeled, or Misidentified By Store or Restaurant Employee
Results Impact Consumer Costs, Food Safety, and Species Protection; Consumers Union Supports Legislation to Prevent Seafood Fraud, Standardize Labeling, Strengthen Seafood Safety YONKERS, NY — A Consumer Reports investigation reveals that more than one-fifth of 190 pieces of seafood bought...

Questions of Health - from Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports medical consultants answer reader questions about the radio-activity of bananas, and using cucumbers to smooth skin. From the October '11 issue of Consumer Reports on Health. Questions of Health - CR Podcast

Laundry Detergents - from Consumer Reports
Different types of laundry detergent are appearing on store shelves. But Consumer Reports tests for the November issue, found plenty of more conventional detergents are higher rated. Laundry Detergents - CR Podcast

Quick Rice - from Consumer Reports
Eight quick-cooking brown rices Consumer Reports tested for the November issue take 1 to 12 minutes to prepare, compared with almost an hour for a regular brown rice. But are these quick-rices worth the extra money? Quick Rice - CR...

2011 Annual Auto Reliability Survey: New models tarnish Ford's reliability
In recent years Ford has been a model of American reliability, competing well against Japanese makes that have dominated for decades. But three of its new models are blemishing that record, according to Consumer Reports. The new Explorer, Fiesta, and...

Fever Thermometers - from Consumer Reports
For the November '11 issue, Consumer Reports tested 10 fever thermometers -- digital sticks and infrared types -- that are probably speedier than those you used growing up. Fever Thermometers - CR Podcast

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