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September 2011

Questions of Health - from Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports medical consultants answer reader questions about the health of eating dark chocolate, and whether it's best to take vitamin and mineral pills with a meal or alone. From the September '11 Consumer Reports on Health. Questions of Health...

Bank of America Announces $5 Monthly Debit Card Fee to Start in 2012
Consumers Union Offers Tips For Consumers As Banks Begin Charging New Fees Bank of America has reportedly decided to charge its customers a $5 monthly fee for debit card transactions starting in 2012. Other big banks, including Wells Fargo and...

Redesigned Chrysler 300 now ranks among better upscale sedans
Revamped for 2011, the Chrysler 300C scored an “Excellent” overall road test score of 80 in Consumer Reports’ latest tests of four upscale sedans, up from 64 for the previous model. The 300C now ranks midpack among the 10 upscale...

The Cloud - from Consumer Reports
Everywhere you turn, somebody's talking about the Cloud for computing. But what, and where, is the Cloud? From Consumer Reports October '11 issue. The Cloud - CR Podcast

Caffeine by the Numbers - from Consumer Reports
The problem with caffeine is manufacturers don't have to disclose the amount in any given product -- just its presence, and only if it's added. For the October '11 issue, Consumer Reports looked at 27 beverages, snacks, and OTC drugs...

48 Percent of Americans on Meds Making Risky Health Care Tradeoffs
Forty-One Percent Say Their Doctors Only Sometimes or Never Recommend Generics YONKERS, NY — As a result of the flagging economy, Americans are making risky tradeoffs that could be dangerous to their health, according to Consumer Reports’ annual prescription drug...

Red Wines - from Consumer Reports
For the October '11 issue, Consumer Reports wine experts conducted blind tastings of 18 red wine blends and found nine to be very good. Red Wines - CR Podcast

e-Receipts - from Consumer Reports
Some merchants are giving you the option of taking an electronic receipt, or none at all, instead of paper. But are either of the choices good for you? From Consumer Reports October '11 issue. e-Receipts - CR Podcast

Net Neutrality Rules Announced Today Work to Protect Consumers, Open Internet
WASHINGTON, DC — The official rules regarding Network Neutrality were published in the Federal Register today by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The rules aim to limit Internet providers from favoring or discriminating against traffic that goes over their networks....

Extra Credit-Card Perks - from Consumer Reports
Many credit cards have extra benefits you might not know about, or might forget to use. Here are just a few. From the September issue of Consumer Reports Money Adviser. Extra Card Perks - CR Podcast

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