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January 2011

Wet-Weather Driving - from Consumer Reports
Many peopl assume water on the road has to be deep to cause hydroplaning. But even a thin film can cause problems. From Consumer Reports' February issue. Wet-Weather Driving - CR Podcast

Rebate Runaround - from Consumer Reports
Here are some of the recent problems Consumer Reports has come across with respect to product rebate offers. From the January issue of the CR Money Adviser. Rebate Runaround - CR Podcast

Product Downsizing - from Consumer Reports
No one likes a price hike. But what riles Consumer Reports readers are the ways manufacturers hide their handiwork. From the February issue. Product Downsizing - CR Podcast

CU writes AT&T, Verizon, FCC about changes in wireless plans, presses companies to step up effort to notify consumers
WASHINGTON — Consumers Union, the nonprofit publisher of Consumer Reports, today wrote the chief executives of AT&T and Verizon and the head of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regarding the companies’ recent changes to their wireless plans and the need...

Sugar - from Consumer Reports
It's probably not coincidental that the nation's obesity epidemic has progressed in step with increased sugar consumption. For the February issue, Consumer Reports looked at ways to curb our sugar habit. Sugar - CR Podcast

Consumer unveils first ratings of 3D TVs
In its first-ever Ratings of 3D TVs, has found that the some of the best performing 3D-capable TVs were among the best overall HD performers. The Panasonic VT20 and VT25 plasma models were among the best HD sets that...

Ratings of 3D TVs; Panasonic 3D Sets Among Best HD Models Ever Tested
New Ratings of 20 3D-models and over 120 Plasma & LCD TVs YONKERS, NY — In its first-ever Ratings of 3D TVs, has found that the some of the best performing 3D-capable TVs were among the best overall HD...

Snow Blowers - from Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports' tests of more than 20 snow blowers for the February issue show some of the best aren't much pricier than less-capable models. Snow Blowers - CR Podcast

Airport Scanners - from Consumer Reports
Some experts are worried the new airport scanners could expose travelers to health risks. Consumer Reports looked at these devices for the January issue of Consumer Reports on Health. Airport Scanners - CR Podcast

Questions of Health - from Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports' medical experts answer reader questions about whether it's better to chew an aspirin at the onset of a heart attack, or take a powdered aspirin product ... and the incidence of patches of blue itchy skin in the...

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