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December 2010

Questions of Money - from Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports' financial experts answer reader questions about taxable W-2 increases to cover the cost of health care, and whether or not to buy big-ticket items at pop-up stores. Questions of Money - CR Podcast

Small TVs - from Consumer Reports
Small-screen TVs have a place in bedrooms, dorms, and even small living rooms. While you might expect less from a small TV, fact is, many sub-32-inchers have very good or excellent picture quality. From Consumer Reports' January issue. Small TVs...

A Hangover Remedy Claim Check - from Consumer Reports
Ads for Bayer AM claim the OTC pain reliever and alertness aid is specially formulated to fight morning pain and fatigue. But, will it help relieve hangover symptoms as its label claims? From Consumer Reports' January issue. A Hangover Remedy...

Medical I.D Theft - from Consumer Reports
Medical I.D theft is still relatively rare. But now is the time to take steps to protect yourself before it becomes an epidemic. From Consumer Reports' December 2010 Money Adviser. Medical ID Theft - CR Podcast

Happy Returns - from Consumer Reports
Almost one in five Americans is expecting to return at least one holiday gift. Here are some tips to helpmake your returns hassle-free. From Consumer Reports January issue. Happy Returns - CR Podcast

Stereo Headphones - from Consumer Reports
Headphones come in many sizes and types, and in a wide range of prices. For the December issue, Consumer Reports looked at in-ear and on-ear models - both traditional and noise-reducing types. Stereo Headphones - CR Podcast

Basic Cameras - from Consumer Reports
It's rare to find a basic digital camera that's above average in its ability to perform well in low light ... or shooting with a flash ... or taking pictures in normal light. But five cameras Consumer Reports tested for...

Printers - from Consumer Reports
No printer combines all-around excellence with rock-bottom printing costs. But you can find very good printers at very good prices. From Consumer Reports' December issue. Printers - CR Podcast

Tablet Computers - from Consumer Reports
Apple's iPad is the trailblazer among tablet computers. But, worthy challengers are just arriving. From Consumer Reports' December issue. Tablet Computers - CR Podcast

What's New in Computers - from Consumer Reports
Here's a look at some of the latest develpments in computers, from Consumer Reports' December issue. What's New in Computers - CR Podcast

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