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October 2010

Store Cards with Rewards - from Consumer Reports
Retailers usually offer one of three types of store credit card allowing you to earn points when you shop. Is a store card with rewards right for you? From Consumer Reports Money Adviser, October. Store Cards w/ Rewards - CR...

Consumers Union on Verizon’s $25M Settlement with FCC for False Data Charges
WASHINGTON, D.C. — Consumers Union today commented on Verizon Wireless’ record $25 million settlement with the FCC for false data charges. Parul P. Desai, Policy Counsel for Consumers Union, said, “We’re glad to see the FCC cracking down on the...

Consumer Reports Poll: Consumers Plan To Cut Back On Holiday Spending Less So Than In ‘Recession’ Years
42 Percent Say Getting the Best Prices on Holiday Gifts is Critical; 13.6 Million Americans Still Carry Debt from Last Season’s Shopping YONKERS, NY — Some shoppers may be loosening their financial belts a bit this holiday season, but ongoing...

Cleaning a Computer - from Consumer Reports
Here are some tips from the testers in Consumer Reports' Computer Lab that can help keep your computer humming. From the November issue. Computer Cleaning - CR Podcast

Store-Bought Mashed Potatoes - from Consumer Reports
Can store-bough mashed potatoes pass muster with the most demanding cook? From Consumer Reports' November issue. Mashed Potatoes - CR Podcast

Consumer Reports' 2010 Annual Car Reliability Survey: GM makes big strides while Honda, Toyota dominate
General Motors has improved considerably, though Honda and Toyota still dominate in the latest predicted-reliability Ratings of new cars, according to Consumer Reports 2010 Annual Auto Survey. Eighty-three percent of Chevrolets, GM’s major brand, now have average or better scores...

Waterproof Bandages - from Consumer Reports
For the November issue, Consumer Reports tested eight bandages labeled "waterproof" to see if their claims shed water. Waterproof Bandages - CR Podcast

A Muscle-Car Face-Off - from Consumer Reports
The V8-powered Ford Mustang beat out the similarly equipped Chevy Camaro in testing last year. Here's what happened when Consumer Reports opted for the V6 engine in both cars. From the October issue. Muscle-Car Face-Off - CR Podcast

Questions of Health - from Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports medical consultants answer reader questions about excessive yawning, and the blood-thinning properties of Omega-3 fatty acids. Questions of Health - CR Podcast

Advance Fees For Debt Settlement Services Will Be Prohibited Starting October 27
Consumers Union Warns the FTC To Be On The Look-Out For Firms Trying to Evade New Consumer Protections WASHINGTON, D.C. — Starting October 27, new federal regulations will bar debt settlement firms from charging fees for their services until they...

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