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August 2010

Gutter Guards - from Consumer Reports
For the September issue, Consumer Reports tested professionally installed and do-it-yourself Gutter Guards to see which live up to the promise of keeping gutters leaf-free. Gutter Guards - CR Podcast

Cell-Phone Bill Shock - from Consumer Reports
Some 30-billion Americans have experienced Cellular Bill Shock -- a surpise spike not related to a change in their service plan -- resulting in hundreds of dolars in unexpected penalty fees. From Consumer Reports September issue. Cellular Bill Shock -...

Questions of Health - from Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports medical consultants answer reader questions about fluctuating blood pressure, and mineral oil's effect on vitamin D. Questions of Health - CR Podcast

Retiring Your Landline - from Consumer Reports
If you're like a quarter of all U.S. households, you've already retired your landline. If you haven't, is it time to permanently hang up your home phone? From Consumer Reports' August issue. Retiring Your Land Line - CR Podcast

Steam Mops - from Consumer Reports
Steam Mops are supposed to mely away sticky spills and eat up the toughest grime with just tap water. But, are they worth adding to your arsenal of cleaning tools? From Consumer Reports' August issue. Steam Mops - CR Podcast

Mobile Payment Systems Could Leave Consumers At Risk
Consumers Union Calls on Regulators to Require Mobile Payment Providers to Abide by Strong Consumer Protections SAN FRANCISCO, CA ― Recent news stories have highlighted how consumers in the U.S. soon will be able to pay for products and services...

Advanced Cameras - from Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports rateds SLR and SLR-like cameras for the August issue. Advanced Cameras - CR Podcast

Consumer Reports Money Adviser August Issue
Money mistakes to avoid – lessons to take away from the market’s ups and downs Painful memories of 2008’s market collapse still linger for most people. So lest we forget, Consumer Reports Money Adviser’s experts listed some common investor mistakes,...

Basic Cameras - from Consumer Reports
Almost all of the basic, simple-to-use cameras Consumer Reports tested for the August issue produce good or very good image quality for regular photos. Basic Cameras - CR Podcast

Low-Intensity Strength-Training - from Consumer Reports
You don't have to pump iron to the point of pain to get optimum results. Here's Consumer Reports' guide to starting a pain-free strength-training program. Low-intensity Strength-training - Podcast

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