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May 2010

Exterior Paints & Stains - from Consumer Reports
If you're planning on painting or staining your home this summer ... here's the answer to your most likely question: "Which finish lasts the longest?" Exterior Paints & Stains - Podcast

Top Travel Gripes - from Consumer Reports
For the June issue, Consumer Reports readers rated travel annoyances on a scale of one to ten. Luggage charges and add-on airline ticket fees topped the list of 24 gripes. Top Travel Gripes - Podcast

Juicers - from Consumer Reports
Buying a top-rated juicer can peel big bucks out of your wallet. But you can spend less. From Consumer Reports May issue. Juicers - Podcast

Chicken Nuggets - from Consumer Reports
For a report in the June Issue, Consumer Reports trained tasters tried a dozen chicken nugget products to find out which is tops in taste. Chicken Nuggets Podcast

Consumer Reports Health: Sunscreen Sprays Outshine the Rest
Tips for protecting your skin this summer YONKERS, NY — Memo to beach bums: get ready to pump it and spray it, and don’t apply it in the wind. New tests of sunscreens by Consumer Reports Health reveal that four...

Blue Jeans - from Consumer Reports
For the June issue, Consumer Reports evaluated women's blue jeans to find out if there is any real difference between a $20 pair and a pair costing $240. Blue Jeans Podcast

Auto-Repair Service Plans - from Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports has long found extended warranties usually don't make financial sense. And when we looked at the terms of auto-repair service plans, we found other reasons to avoid them. Auto-Repair Service PLans Podcast

Questions of Money - from Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports financial experts answer reader questions about the cost of health insurance policies, and whether to take a pensions as a lump sum or monthly payments. Questions of Money Podcast

Tailpipe Smoke Signals - from Consumer Reports
When everything is working just right, your car's tailpipe emissions should be almost invisible. Consumer Reports spotlights tailpipe emissions that could signal engine problems. From the May issue. Tailpipe Smoke Signals Podcast

Water Filters - from Consumer Reports
For the May issue, Consumer Reports spiked water with lead and chloroform to test 38 water filters. Water Filters Podcast

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