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April 2010

Nothing to Sneeze At - from Consumer Reports
When it comes to allergy relief, there's no silver bullet - though you may find relief in some OTC and prescription products. From Consumer Reports May issue. Allergy Relief - Podcast

Safer Toilet-Bowl Cleaners - from Consumer Reports
Toilet bowl cleaners seem mundane. But the heath warnings on some are enough to make you hold your nose. From the May issue of Consumer Reports. Toilet-Bowl Cleaners - Podcast

Smoothies - from Consumer Reports
To see which smoothis are worth sipping, Consumer Reports' trained tasters tried twelve refrigerated products, and sampled offerings from two smoothie chains for the May issue. Smoothies - Podcast

Credit Cards -- Post Reform - from Consumer Reports
In light of recent rule changes imposed on credit cards, some card-issuers have come up with some creative new ways to clip you. From Consumer Reports May issue. Credit-Cards - Podcast

Automotive Recalls - from Consumer Reports
Despite the recent attention given to the Toyota recaslls, many recalls never register such high visibility. Yet, they happen to almost every car-maker. Recalls - Podcast

Questions of Money - from Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports' financial experts answer subscriber questions on charges to ship a product for a warranty repair, and why cell-phone companies make you sign a two-year contract when upgrading equipment. From the March issue of Consumer Reports Money Adviser. Questions...

The Pros and Cons of Leasing - from Consumer Reports
Leasing a new vehicle is appealing for a number of reasons. Yet, there are a number of disadvantages. Leasing Pros and Cons - Podcast

Cars for Teenage Drivers - from Consumer Reports
Choosing a car for a teen will usually involve compormises between budget and desirable features. Cars for Teens - Podcast

Saving with Hybrids and Diesels - from Consumer Reports
A recent analysis of owner costs over five years shows you can save money buying a diesel or hybrid vehicle. From Consumer Reports' April Auto issue. Hybrid and Diesel Savings - Podcast

Consumer Reports designates Lexus GX 460 SUV a Don’t Buy: Safety Risk
CONSUMER REPORTS DESIGNATES LEXUS GX 460 SUV A DON’T BUY: SAFETY RISK Consumer Reports has judged the 2010 Lexus GX 460 SUV a Don’t Buy: Safety Risk because of a problem its testers experienced during CR’s standard emergency-handling tests. When...

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