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March 2010

Best & Worst - - By the Numbers - from Consumer Reports
Here's a sampling of the Best and Worst vehicles when it comes to acceleration, braking, and obstacle avoidance. From Consumer Reports' April Auto Issue. Best & Worst - Podcast

Most Automotive Bang for the Buck - from Consumer Reports
The best car value is one that combines good performance, utility, and reliability, with a low owner cost over the first five years. Here the 10 of Consumer Reports' best automotive values, from the April Auto Issue. Best Bang for...

The Best Cars Under $20K - from Consumer Reports
The average selling price of a new car is around $30k ... but you can find some very good models that cost less. Here are 11 recommended by Consumer Reports priced under $20K. Best Cars Under $20K - Podcast

Accident Forgiveness - from Consumer Reports
Some insurance companies offer Accident Forgiveness as an enticement for you to switch from a competing company. Here are some things you should consider before signing on. From Consumer Reports March '10 Money Adviser newsletter. Accident Forgiveness - Podcast

Notes from the CR Test Track - from Consumer Reports
2009 was a turbulent year in the automotive market. Here are some observations by the engineers at Consumer Reports' Auto Test Center. Test Track Notes - Podcast

CR POLL: 6 out of 10 Allergy Sufferers Unable to Stamp Out Seasonal Misery; Nearly One Fifth (18%) Say They Missed Work Due to Allergies
Visit to the doctor is best defense YONKERS, NY — Sixty percent of allergy sufferers say they were unable to find ways to stamp out the seasonal misery that typically begins in March and reaches a crescendo in April and...

More Top Picks for 2010 - from Consumer Reports
Rounding out Consumer Reports' list of Top Automotive Picks for 2010. From the April Auto Issue. More Top Picks - Podcast

The Top Picks for 2010 - from Consumer Reports
Every year Consumer Reports evaluates the hundreds of vehicles they've tested ... then choose the Top Picks -- the best all-around choices in ten categories -- for the April Auto Issue. 2010 Top Picks - Podcast

Interior Paints - from Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports' tests of Interior Paints for the March issue found nearly all of the top-scoring brands were among the lowest in bolatile organic compounds. Interior Paints - Podcast

The Lowdown on High-Fructose Corn Syrup - from Consumer Reports
High-fructose corn syrup is being dropped from many sweetened drinks because of a negative perception of the sweetener. But, is the perception founded? From the March '10 issue of Consumer Reports. Podcast - High-Fructose Corn Syrup

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