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February 2010

Questions of Money - from Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports Financial experts answer reader questions about exchange rates when charging overseas, and investing in tax-free municipal bond funds. Questions of Money

Glad Force-Flex -- A Claim Check - from Consumer Reports
Five years ago, Consumer Reports put the claims of Glad Force-Flex trash bags to the test. It was time for a rematch. From the March issue. Force-Flex Face-off

Hand-Mixers - from Consumer Reports
Only the best hand-mixer can deliver the power you'd expect from a stand-mixer for a fraction of the cost. From Consumer Reports' March issue. Hand Mixers

Honda Fit and Toyota Prius Top CRs New-Car Best Value List
Annual Auto Issue Names Best and Worst New-Car Best Values in Eight Categories YONKERS, NY — The Honda Fit and the Toyota Prius topped the list of new-car best values according to Consumer Reports’ 2010 Annual Auto Issue beating out...

CU Calls For Changes to Strengthen U.S. Car Safety Net
YONKERS, NY — The recent Toyota recalls involving sudden unintended acceleration have focused national attention on safety problems that are infrequent, but potentially fatal. Much of the ongoing debate and public outcry has centered on why these issues weren’t caught...

Seven Car Problems That Can Leave You Stranded and How to Prevent Them
YONKERS, NY — Most of us don’t like surprises when it comes to our cars, especially the kind that leave us stranded on the highway in bad weather. In the magazine’s Annual Auto Issue, the editors of Consumer Reports provide...

CR Names Six New Top Pick Cars For 2010
Mazda5, Cheverolet Traverse and Volkswagen GTI among the new additions YONKERS, NY — Consumer Reports names six new models to its annual Top Picks car list for 2010. Comprised of nine different car brands, this year’s list is the most...

Automaker Report Cards: Honda and Subaru Lead, Hyundai Makes Strides, Chrysler Lags
YONKERS, NY — Honda and Subaru have earned class leader status for building the best all-around vehicles for American drivers, according to the Automaker Report Cards published in Consumer Reports’ 2010 Annual Auto Issue. This is the fourth consecutive year...

Electric Toothbrushes - from Consumer Reports
For the March issue, Consumer reports tested ten electric toothbrushes that cost from $15 to $140. Electric Toothbrushes

Bagged Salad - from Consumer Reports
You might think pre-washed and triple-washed salad greens are squeaky clean. But recent Consumer Reports tests found room for improvement -- from the March issue. Bagged Salad

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