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January 2010

Appliance Rebates - from Consumer Reports
The State Energy-Efficient-Appliance Rebate Program hopes to do for refrigerators, washers, and other appliances, what Cash For Clunkers did for cars. From Consumer Reports' February Issue. CR Podcast

Bathroom Scales - from Consumer Reports
To find determine the accuracy and reliabilty of home bathroom scales, Consumer Reports tested eleven for the February issue. CR Podcast

Mini Meals - from Consumer Reports
For the February issue, Consumer Reports' trained sensory panelists rated the taste quality of twenty-four microwaveable diet meals. Fourteen rated very good -- tasty enough to try. CR Podcast

Dips - from Consumer Reports
Not all DIPS are created equal For the February issue, Consumer Reports looked at the nutrition of forty-eight dips and found the best among Con Queso and creamy types, Guacamole, Hummus, and Salsa. CR Podcast

Luxury Sedans - from Consumer Reports
Tnew Cadillac CTS gives up virtually nothing to premium European cars in terms of refinement, powertrain, ride, or handling. The CTS was one of five luxury sedans Consumer Reports tested for the February issue. CR Podcast

Questions of Money - from Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports financial experts answer reader questions about the credit card debt of someone who passes away, and the three-digit number on the back of a credit card you're often asked for when purchasing something online. CR Podcast (1679.3K)

Irons - from Consumer Reports
Whether you have baskets of crumpled clothes and linens, or just an item or two, the right iron can make your chore easier and faster. From Consumer Reports' January 2010 issue. CR Podcast (1679.3K)

What's Up With Fiber? - from Consumer Reports
Fiber is often touted as a miracle worker. Yet, your body can't digest the stuff! So, how can it be so good for you? From Consumer Reports' January 2010 issue. CR Podcast (1679.3K)

Handling a Runaway Car - from Consumer Reports
One of the most frightening driving experiences is unintended acceleration. Would you know what to do if it happened to you? From Consumer Reports' January 2010 issue. CR Podcast (1679.3K)

Inside the March 2010 Issue of ShopSmart
The latest issue of ShopSmart hit newsstands on January 19, 2010. From the publisher of Consumer Reports, ShopSmart helps buyers make smart purchasing decisions on items they need every day. FEATURES: Organize for Your Style: The best de-cluttering tools and...

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