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November 2009

Two-Thirds of Chickens Tested Harbor Dangerous Bacteria
“Air-Chilled” Organic Broilers Among Cleanest Perdue Cleanest Name-Brand; Tyson, Foster Farms Most Contaminated USDA Must Make Chicken Less Risky to Eat; Consumers Shouldn’t Have to Play Roulette with Poultry YONKERS, NY — Consumer Reports’ latest test of fresh, whole broilers...

Debit vs. Credit - from Consumer Reports
Debit cards, which draw funds directly from a checking account, now exceed credit cards in dollar volume of purchases. From the December 2009 Consumer Reports Money Adviser. CR Podcast

Questions of Money - from Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports' financial editors answer questions about ID-theft and the deceased ... and paying off a mortgage with a Home Equity Line of Credit. CR Podcast

Double-A Batteries - from Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports tested seventeen double-a batteries for the December issue to find out which last the longest. CR Podcast

More Healthful Stuffing - from Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports found four stuffings among fifteen popular choices that earned a good for nutrition -- from the December issue. CR Podcast

Detroit Reliability - from Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports' 2009 Automotive survey reflects experiences with 1.4 milllion vehicles. Here's how the survey paints Detroit's automakers. CR Podcast

Automotive Reliability - from Consumer Reports
As a group, the most reliable cars are inexpensive small cars and mid-sized family sedans, according to Consumer Reports latest automotive survey. CR Podcast

Aging and Exercise - from Consumer Reports
Aerobics and strength-training are both valuable. But many experts now say strength-training may be the key to preventing disability as one ages -- from Consumer Reports on Health. CR Podcast

Cordless Drills -- an Update - from Consumer Reports
You could spend hundreds on a professional-grade cordless drill. But, you can get comparable performance for a third that price. CR Podcast

Nutrient Preservation - from Consumer Reports
Cooking methods that involve high heat, water, or both can destroy some nutrients in fruits and veggies. Here's how to maximize healthfullness -- from Consumer Reports on Health. CR Podcast

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