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October 2009

Questions of Money - from Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports financial experts answer questions about rolling money into a Roth IRA, and taking a tax deduction for donating old eyeglasses. CR Podcast

Consumer Reports Poll: 65 Percent of Consumers Expect to Cut Back on Holiday Spending
13.5 Million Americans Still Carry Debt from Last Year’s Holiday Shopping The effects of ongoing economic turbulence continue to weigh heavily on the pocketbooks and minds of shoppers as the 2009 holiday season approaches. According to a new Consumer Reports...

Smoke and C-O Alarms - from Consumer Reports
You can safeguard your home against fire and carbon-monoxide with some mixing and matching of different types of alarm. From Consumer Reports November issue. CR Podcast

Gas-Saving Tires - from Consumer Reports
Tires with low rolling resistance can improve a car's fuel economy. But how do they perform on the road? CR Podcast

Consumer Reports' 2009 Annual Car Reliability Survey: Ford Secures Place Among World's Most Reliable Carmakers
Ford Fusion, Mercury Milan Reliability Tops Honda Accord and Toyota Camry Ford has secured its position as the only Detroit automaker with world-class reliability. About 90 percent (46 of 51) of Ford, Mercury, and Lincoln products were found to have...

All-Season Tires - from Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports tests 52 all-season tires for the November issue to help you find the best for your driving style and conditions. CR Podcast

Small Boxy Wagons - from Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports automotive engineers compare three small, boxy wagons - the Scion xB, Kia Soul, and Nissan Cube for the November issue. CR Podcast

Credit-Card Changes - from Consumer Reports
In light of recent credit card changes, card companies are coming up ways to make up for the revenue they expect to lose. CR Podcast

Low-Priced LCD-TVs - from Consumer Reports
If you're looking for a new LCD-TV that won't break your budget ... here's good news! CR Podcast

Cordless Phones - from Consumer Reports
Top-rated cordless phones from Consumer Reports October issue. CR Podcast

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