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September 2009

Energy Tax Credits - from Consumer Reports
Uncle Sam wants you to save energy. And, he's putting his money where his mouth is. From Consumer Reports' October issue. CR Postcast

Saving Energy at Home - from Consumer Reports
Most homes -- including yours -- waste energy. And that inefficiency is costing you plenty. But it doesn't have to. CR Podcast

Modern Muscle Cars - from Consumer Reports
For the October issue ... Consumer Reports Auto-test Engineers put three modern muscle cars through their paces. CR Podcast

Questions of Money - from Consumer Reports
Answers to questions about providing one's Social Security number to obtain a free credit report online, and the proper allocation of funds in a retirement plan. CR Podcast

Robo Gutter -- A Claim Check - from Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports tests the claims of a battery-operated robotic gutter cleaner to see if it really can blast through debris ... clogs ... and sludge to brush gutter clean. From the October issue. CR Podcast

High-fiber Cereals - from Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports trained tasters found seven high-fiber cereals that were especially favorful - from the October issue. CR Podcast

Choosing a Health Plan - from Consumer Reports
Which health plan you choose depends on many factors. Consumer Reports offers some things to keep in mind when deciding. CR Podcast

Health Plans - from Consumer Reports
A recent Consumer Reports survey found that many people may not love thier health insurance that much. CR Podcast

Building an Emergency Kit - from Consumer Reports
Having an Emergency Kit on hand is a good idea for any emergency. Here's what should be in yours -- from Consumer Reports' September '09 issue. CR Podcast

Freezers - from Consumer Reports
For the September '09 issue, Consumer Reports tested 21 freezers. Most delivered impressive temperature performance. CR Podcast

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