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May 2009

How to Get Ready For Baby without Spending a Bundle
New Book Provides Hundreds of Smart Shopping Tips on Everything from Diapers to Mini-Vans YONKERS, NY — Help is on the way for new and expecting parents gearing up for their bundles of joy. Children’s products represent an $8.9 billion...

Consumer Reports Health News — May 2009
BEFORE GRILLING, CHOOSE YOUR MEAT CAREFULLY An estimated 5,000 people in the U.S. die each year from food-borne illnesses. Some of the most common ones are caused by bacteria from animals slaughtered for meat. With barbecue season approaching, Urvashi Rangan,...

Consumer Reports Money Adviser — June 2009
Best Recession Bargains: How to get great deals on big-ticket items YONKERS, NY — Consumer Reports Money Adviser found that savvy consumers can benefit from deeply discounted prices on goods and services in the lousy economy. With consumers more focused...

Sham Wow ... A Claim Check - from Consumer Reports
Can the Sham Wow cloth really soak up twenty-times its weight in liquid? Consumer Reports technicians put the heavily-hyped cloth to the test. CR Podcast

Recycling Electronics - from Consumer Reports
Today, there's no excuse for throwing an old computer ... tv ... or cell-phone into the trash. CR Podcast

Chocolate Chip Cookies - from Consumer Reports
To help you avoid wasting indulgence calories on chocolate chip cookies that are bland or dry, Consumer Reports trained tasters tested packaged varieties for the May issue. CR Podcast

Low-Cost Brokers - from Consumer Reports
According to a Consumer Reports survey, discount brokers did a better job shepherding their clients through the stock market upheaval of the past year than traditional investment banks. CR Podcast

Upscale Sports Sedans - from Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports latest tests of four upscale sedans with fun sporty driving characteristics. CR Podcast

Reusable Grocery Bags - from Consumer Reports
Bringing your own bag to the supermarket can keep them out of landfills and incinerators, For the May issue, Consumer Reports tested a number of bags sold by national chains and regional stores. CR Podcast

CR Offers Top 40 Best American-Made Car Deals for Memorial Day Weekend
11 brands offer best savings on recommended cars; Ford most prominent with 10 models included YONKERS, NY — Memorial Day is a time for Americans to commemorate the sacrifices made by men and women to protect our freedoms and values....

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