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April 2009

Consumers Union Applauds House Passage of Credit Card Reform Bill
WASHINGTON, D.C. – The House today voted 357-70 in favor of a credit card reform bill aimed at stopping unfair lending practices and giving consumers better tools to manage credit. Pam Banks, senior attorney for Consumers Union, made the following...

Consumers Union Applauds President Obama for Working to Strengthen Credit Card Protections for Consumers
Obama Offers Support for Stronger Safeguards as House Prepares to Vote on Bill WASHINGTON D.C. – Consumers Union applauded President Obama today for working to strengthen legislation to protect consumers from abusive credit card lending practices. In a news conference...

Consumer Reports Poll: Two-Thirds of Americans Support a Public Health Care Plan
Washington DC—A new poll released today by Consumers Union, the non-profit publisher of Consumer Reports magazine, shows that 66 percent of Americans support having the option of a public health insurance plan as part of health care reform. This public...

Chocolates Mom Could Love -- from Consumer Reports
Very good chocolates costing less than two-dollars an ounce that'll pass muster with mom from Consumer Reports May issue. CR Podcast

Retail Showdown -- from Consumer Reports
A recent Consumer Reports online survey found that when shopping at a big retailer, you'll probably be happiest shopping at COSTCO ... and least happy at WalMart or K-Mart. CR Podcast

Consumers Union Report: Almost 100,000 Surgical Patients Didn’t Get the Right Infection Prevention Care During Year Studied
More Hospitals Following Surgical Infection Prevention Measures, But Too Many Patients Remain At Risk A new report released today by Consumers Union found that hospitals have made progress following certain surgical infection prevention practices, but that too many patients aren’t...

Small SUVs -- from Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports latest test of Small SUVs from the May issue. CR Podcast

Traffic and Your Heart -- from Consumer Reports
Proof that driving in traffic can do more than add stress to your life and be a waste of time. CR Podcast

Hyundai's Assurance Program -- from Consumer Reports
Hyundai promises to buy back one of their cars if you lose your income. What's the catch? Download CR02-042109.mp3 (1669.5K)

Leasing Pros and Cons -- from Consumer Reports
Choosing an auto lease depends on your lifestyle, expectations, and budget. But, it doesn't make sense for everyone. CR Podast

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